Well definitely not quite so many
Yes, not quite

on the jetty in the big lake today

As I watched curlicues of waves
wash over cleaning sandy shore

beating a steady rhythm


They stood there all haphazard
some sleeping I’m sure

birds with nowhere to go

no graceful flight to faraway lands
just vagrants, bums, ne’er-do-wells

stressing the social order
out there on that long jetty into the lake

What will we do

about their standing
almost motionless

bracing themselves against the wind

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5 Responses to A HUNDRED GULLS — a poem

  1. admin says:

    I wrote this as a parody (another word for “if only I were that good a poet”) of John Dotson’s “A Thousand Gulls” published in Rivulets of Light: Poems of Point Lobos and Carmel Bay.

    As I was writing it, however, I saw it start to reflect how we view the homeless.

  2. Paul Norden says:

    This poem reminds me of the homeless too and our common projection of them: “vagrants, ne’er-do-wells.” It also reminds me that our projection is the basis of our perception, our reality, and the separation that, unknowing and unseen, co-arises with it and distances us from being there, maybe even for a moment, in their shoes.

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving Lisa. 🙂

  3. Wow! what an notion ! What a idea ! Wonderful .. Incredible ? I generally don?t submit in Blogs but your blog compelled me to, remarkable operate.. lovely ?

  4. admin says:

    You can find Facebook and Twitter links at the bottom of each page. New Questions of the Week are posted and tweeted there.

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