Meditation to Become One With Space

This meditation is from a presentation I gave at the Lifwynn Foundation conference recently. It is intended to help you get past the boundaries of subject, object, and space.

Hence it is clear that the space of physics is not, in the last analysis, anything given in nature or independent of human thought. It is a function of our conceptual scheme [mind]. Space as conceived by Newton proved to be an illusion, although for practical purposes a very fruitful illusion
–Albert Einstein

Why is it important to reconceive of space? Although there has been lots of talk in psycho-spiritual circles about the wholeness or lack of separation between subject and object, there is still a very old assumption operating that hasn’t been questioned, namely, the assumption that space is simply a container that holds or contains the subject-objects.  It’s a useful metaphor for day-to-day living, but it is being questioned in the new paradigm. Hence, if we eventually want to be able to talk from the new paradigm, we will need to conceive of space differently. And to do that, we will need to experience ourselves as spatial beings differently. Perhaps this will help. Perhaps not.

To listen to the meditation, click on this link–> Meditation1.

Sit comfortably.

Close your eyes.


Each time make it deeper.

As you exhale, sink into your body.

Move your consciousness around your body.  Feel it in your butt, as you experience the hardness of your chair.

Feel it in the bottoms of your feet touching your shoes, touching the floor.

Move it up to the center of your chest, around your heart and lungs.

Now see it move into the cells of one of your organs, like your heart. It pops through a narrow channel which takes you through the cell wall into the gooey cytoplasm.

You swim through the cytoplasm to the nucleus, where everything is very orderly, like a factory.

You watch your RNA making proteins to be sent to various parts of your body.

You watch your DNA and marvel at the beautiful twirling structure it has. It seems to be like a miniature crystal or diamond sparkling with light.

Now go into your DNA, into one of the bases, thymine, cytosine, guanine, adenine.

It is made up of simpler elements, like carbon and oxygen.  Go into one of them and see how different it feels. Unlike the very precise crystalline form of DNA, this is cloudy. You feel a charge in the atmosphere. Indeed those might be electrons, but they are zipping around so fast that you can’t really see them you just feel their presence.

And notice that there really isn’t any-THING there, just a vague feeling of charge.

Feel into this charged emptiness.

Let your consciousness expand into it because every atom in your body is this charged emptiness.   Feel the spaciousness that your body is.

See it expanding beyond the skin, because the skin is just as spacious. Your body is space configuring itself in a particular way at this particular time.

Imagine moving your arm up. You are the mover and you are the arm and you are the space. Your arm is simply space configured a certain way. So as the unbounded subject choosing to move your arm, you are space reconfiguring yourself so that first “the arm” was down here and now it is up here.

You can do this with your whole body. As you move your body space simply reconfigures itself from manifesting your body where it was to where it now is.

Now imagine that you could imbue space—the space that you are and will be—with a quality, like love or peacefulness or adventure. As space reconfigures itself, it does it in that way.

See space reconfiguring your arm in a space of love. See your whole body being reconfigured in space imbued with love.

See this space imbued with love expanding to the whole room, to the whole building, the whole city, and as far out into the universe as you want to take it.

Just sit with that sense of being boundless, loving space. Let your mind take you wherever it takes you. And when you are ready come back and open your eyes.

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3 Responses to Meditation to Become One With Space

  1. Dan Felix says:

    Speak a new language
    so that the world
    will be a new world.
    – Rumi

  2. Not courageous. Such things happen(ed) by the way’ with me. Perhaps I was more integral to the creation and lived life in a flux of Present.

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