The Future of Language

Or perhaps, better titled, “Language of the Future.” Lots of trends are converging to create an opening to take language broadband, the theme of this blog.  We now live in what is called a “post-truth” world, one that George Orwell would be cringing to know that he foresaw. We also live in a time of great creativity in the realm of constructed languages. And if there were an Irony Index, it would be skyrocketing. I think these are nascent signs that the deficient integral (read Jean Gebser’s The Ever Present Origin) is emerging more strongly into consciousness.  Let us foster its development into efficient integral consciousness.  To that end, let me share with you my most recent publication, “An Emergent Language of Paradox: Riffs on Steven M. Rosen’s Kleinian Signification of Being.”  Steve Rosen’s article can be found here.

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