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From Fantasy to Reality: Conlanging as Psychosocial Activism

The seventh Language Creation Conference was held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada this year.  It featured a wonderful spectrum of presentations on general and very technical aspects of creating languages.  We also got to see the world premier of a film … Continue reading

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The Future of Language

Or perhaps, better titled, “Language of the Future.” Lots of trends are converging to create an opening to take language broadband, the theme of this blog.  We now live in what is called a “post-truth” world, one that George Orwell … Continue reading

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The Emotional Dissonance of Paradox Regained

I just returned from a visit to Chicago, which was my home for 25 years, the longest span I have lived in one place. I moved out of Chicago a year ago, so going back there to visit friends resulted … Continue reading

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Deconstructing the Metaphoric Basis of Language, Or, Making Visible One of the Infrastructures of its Invisible Architecture

  Using the methods of George Lakoff and Mark Johnson in Metaphors We Live By, I’m doing the following analysis to expose the metaphors that might slip through the unconscious as we read something as basic as the opinion page … Continue reading

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From Language 2.0 to Language ∞

We’re immersed in language like fish in water. I often use that analogy to describe how blind we are to the linguistic world in which we swim, how its structure enables our being in the way that the ocean enables … Continue reading

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Language as an Invisible Architecture

First, let’s look at visible architecture and the effect it has on us.  Imagine walking into each of the buildings in the pictures above. What felt sense do you have? What kind of “world” is created inside of each building? … Continue reading

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Shifting the Very Nature of Relationship

The post that started with the Arjuna Ardagh quote could have gone off in another direction.  What Ardagh and Watts both propose is essentially a radical shift in the nature of relationship. They are proposing that there is no “other.” … Continue reading

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Meditation to Become One With Space

This meditation is from a presentation I gave at the Lifwynn Foundation conference recently. It is intended to help you get past the boundaries of subject, object, and space. Hence it is clear that the space of physics is not, … Continue reading

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Well definitely not quite so many Yes, not quite on the jetty in the big lake today As I watched curlicues of waves wash over cleaning sandy shore

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My Debt and Gratitude to Barbara Marx Hubbard

There is a deliberate similarity between the title of this blog, Consciously Evolving Language, and Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential. Einstein said that he stood on the shoulders of giants. I do … Continue reading

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Tango — a poem

I wrap my arm around you press my heart into yours, trusting that I will not fall while fading into the oblivion of music and moving and breathing and losing myself in the dance

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Goodbye to “It”

All somethings are someones.  –David Spangler That quote hit me in a way that the usual psychospiritual talk doesn’t. It forced me to face up to the assumptions I have about the nature of life itself (and what is alive … Continue reading

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Introducing Mobius (strips) and Klein (bottles)

Two visual structures that I use a lot are the Möbius strip and the Klein bottle because they embody a paradox. Specifically, they have only one side although it seems to be two sides.  That concept is very important for … Continue reading

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The Emerging Paradigm Shift and the Assumptions it is Questioning

New paradigm writers are asking us to question the assumptions/presuppositions we’ve had for the past few centuries. These assumptions include materialism, reductionism, and the influence of randomness. They are asking us to investigate different assumptions such as consciousness as the origin of matter, energy, and the laws of nature (Goswami); that we are one being in many physical forms (Haisch); and that we can consciously influence our own evolution (Barbara Marx Hubbard). Continue reading

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My Questions for Paul Frommer, Creator of the Na’vi Language in Avatar

Na’vi, the language of the Pandorans in the movie Avatar, perhaps can help us look at our own languages and find ways to express the kinds of interconnectedness we saw on Pandora. Continue reading

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How Do We Speak from Wholeness?

Did you choose to believe that you’re a separate being from everybody else? No, that was so firmly established both by your experience of yourself as a young child and by how others treated you, then reinforced by language that separates I from You, that you just take it for granted that we’re all separate. If we’re not separate, how do cast aside the language crutch that keeps us thinking and talking as if we are separate? How do we speak from wholeness–both individual wholeness and wholeness of the Universe? Continue reading

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Before Speaking from Oneness, Feeling It

How do we become “one with” other sentient beings? It seems so much easier to become one with things, such as the spinnaker that I trim while sailing. What fear must we conquer in order to be so present to our oneness as a human body, that we respond the way our individual bodies do, ie, when we have an itch, we automatically scratch it? How do we become one with each other in such a way that we know our connectedness the way my body and your body each knows its own connectedness? How do we become “the human body”? Continue reading

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The Default State of Being Human

Arjuna Ardagh asks, “What have we come to accept as the default state of being human?” then answers, “Most agree that human consciousness is characterized by an unnatural sense of separateness, a sense of a ‘me’ and a ‘not me.’ We act as though we are separate from the source itself, from the divine. On the basis of this feeling of separation stands everything else that feels abhorrent to the heart—child abuse, domestic violence, people lying to and cheating each other, environmental degradation, war. All of these things arise from this feeling of ‘me’ and ‘them’ as separate, or ‘me’ and ‘the planet’ as separate” Continue reading

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Being a Cell in the Earth Organism

What can this body of humanity (and even the body of the earth, including humanity) as a whole accomplish with you accomplishing your part and everybody else, all the other cells, accomplishing theirs? What grandness could the earth/human organism be up to in the universe?
Before we can get to this place of integration, we need to recognize just how connected we all are, as cells are in a body. And we need to expand our ways of being in “communication” with each other. I put the word “communication” in quotes because it is so much more than the external type of linguistic smoke signals we currently send to each other through writing and speaking. It’s more like a communication that involves feeling from the inside. Do we need to ALL be in that state of profound being-in-love-with in order to attain that kind of internal communication that my body’s cells have with each other? Continue reading

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