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From Fantasy to Reality: Conlanging as Psychosocial Activism

The seventh Language Creation Conference was held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada this year.  It featured a wonderful spectrum of presentations on general and very technical aspects of creating languages.  We also got to see the world premier of a film … Continue reading

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The Emotional Dissonance of Paradox Regained

I just returned from a visit to Chicago, which was my home for 25 years, the longest span I have lived in one place. I moved out of Chicago a year ago, so going back there to visit friends resulted … Continue reading

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From Language 2.0 to Language ∞

We’re immersed in language like fish in water. I often use that analogy to describe how blind we are to the linguistic world in which we swim, how its structure enables our being in the way that the ocean enables … Continue reading

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Introducing Mobius (strips) and Klein (bottles)

Two visual structures that I use a lot are the Möbius strip and the Klein bottle because they embody a paradox. Specifically, they have only one side although it seems to be two sides.  That concept is very important for … Continue reading

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