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Episode 6: Steven M. Rosen–Integrative Journey through Alchemical Dimensions

9781630510831-Perfect.inddRosen photoIn the Preface to his latest book, Dreams, Death, Rebirth: A Topological Odyssey into Alchemy’s Hidden Dimensions, Steven Rosen states: “Our greatest certainty and greatest mystery is our mortality. In this book, I explore the subject of death and rebirth from a philosophical perspective that addresses the question of human identity. What death and its possible survival mean to us depends on the meaning of “us”—they depend, that is, on what we assume to be the boundaries and limits of our being.” Steve’s work in this and his previous books is some of the most profound I have read. He draws upon the topological structures of the Mobius strip, the Klein bottle, and others to help us understand the truly paradoxical connection we have to other forms of life–the animal, vegetable, and mineral realms–which are not “out there” but “in here,” in us. This book integrates the work of thinkers and paradigms that are not often integrated, including, Jean Gebser, C.G. Jung, alchemy, and topology.  And Steve’s personal dreams are used to illustrate and deepen the ideas.  Truly a one of a kind journey!


Episode 5: Jay Harman and Francesca Bertone–Biomimicry Inspiring Innovation

SP_cover_small JH1smallJay Harman, author of The Shark’s Paintbrush, and his wife, Francesca Bertone, will share ways in which they and others have been inspired by Nature to solve some of the world’s intractable problems. Jay is an award-winning entrepreneur and biomimetic inventor who has taken a hands-on approach to his life-long fascination with the deep patterns found in nature. In addition, he started a boarding school to teach kids about the environment in Australia, became a champion skin diver, and has made it his mission to bring the awareness and application of biomimicry to the public. Jay’s goal–both as an author and an entrepreneur–is to show industry that improving the efficiency of industrial equipment is beneficial for both the bottom line and the planet. Francesca is a former educator and now Chief Operating Officer of their company PAX Scientific and is Executive Director of the nonprofit organization, Nature of Hope, which supports biomimicry education.


Episode 4, Lynnclaire Dennis, The Pattern of Light: Sacred Geometry for Living

ldLynnclaire Dennis describes her life’s work as discovering the realationship of every part to the whole, internally and externally, personally and interpersonally. It began with a Near Death Experience, which led her to remember; to rediscover the structure of light that resonates to connect life and death. Presented with an opportunity, she agreed to identify the fundamental pieces inherent in a unified whole and the Pattern of Connection that unites them. Her assignment to articulate the ineffable was daunting. The knowing that this knowledge was necessary to demystify the mysteries so we can heal ourselves, restore dynamic balance to our relationships, and understand the interconnection between human behavior and Gaia was her only impetus.

Lynnclaire was first author of The Mereon Matrix, Unity, Perspective and Paradox (Elsevier, 2013), which reveals the detail of the resonant Pattern she experienced in her NDEs. In Discovering Your Youniverse & Living Plan Be, Lynnclaire shares the simple process inherent in the Mereon Matrix so you can answer for yourself questions such as, “Who am I?”, “What’s the meaning of life?” and “What’s my purpose?”. She shows how the sequential logic in this dynamic framework is a technology for mindfulness that we can use to resolve tensions in order to cooperate to find innovative solutions sourced from a shared space.

Her most recent book, A Footprint in Eternity, tells her story, which is also our collective story, the me that is a We. We invite listeners into the unity-within-diversity, for only then can we explore the tapestry of creation and together innovate for meaningful and measurable solutions.


Episode 3: Jeffrey Kiehl, Psychological Insights into Global Warming

Jeff Kiehl photoWe know the science–at least some of it–too much carbon in the atmosphere; the ice is melting, sea is rising, weather patterns are changing. But have you done anything really radical to alter your behavior to offset global warming? What about your neighbors? Why not?  Jeffrey recognizes that when one is bombarded with information about global warming/climate change, it causes trauma. We must be helped through the trauma if we are to be proactive.  He will help us explore the deep psychological roots involved with this problem, i.e., the problem of our inaction. Jungian psychology provides a unique depth perspective given its views on the structure and dynamics of the psyche. From it, we will draw on the concepts of the shadow, complexes, and the archetype of the Self. The process of individuation, the goal of which is to connect the ego to the archetype of the Self, might be a way to address global warming. In particular, he emphasizes the concept of holding the tension of opposites between a masculine and feminine view of global warming.

Jeffrey is both a climatologist (at the National Center for Atmospheric Research) and a Diplomate in Jungian Psychology, in private practice. He speaks to groups large and small about these issues.

Also see his website and blog for more information.

Episode 2: Elizabeth Patric, Working with Flower and Plant Energies

elizabeth_webElizabeth Patric grew up in the heart of the Adirondack wilderness in upstate New York. She is a Flower Essence Therapist, Energy Healer, Author and Tantric Yoga and Meditation Teacher, with over 30 years of practice.  Elizabeth conducts readings on the auric field and corrects the imbalances she sees with flower essences that she collects and creates from her gardens, the wilderness of northern Wisconsin, and from other powerful earth sites all over the world.

She is a certified yoga teacher and is widely known as an energy healer, practicing since 1997. Elizabeth is the author of both FLOWERSPEAK – The Flower Whisperer’s Guide to Health, Happiness and Awakening and a handbook on a form of healing whose energies originate from Lao-tzu entitled LaHoChi- High Frequency Hands-on Healing.  Elizabeth is currently passionate about writing and studying Astral Biology and Remote Healing and is working on her third book – The Metaphysical Naturalist – Reconnecting With Nature for Healing and Expansion of Consciousness.

We’ll be talking about ways that you can connect with these subtle beings in a co-creative way and how fulfilling life can be by connecting with these fun loving beings of the nature kingdom.  You will have a transformed relationship to your own back yard!

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Episode 1: Bill Reed, Restoring Wholeness in a Disconnected World

Bill Reed 1Bill is a principal in the Re-source Group and Regenesis. The purpose of their regenerative design work is to improve the overall quality of the physical, social, and spiritual life of our living places and the planet–healing ecosystems and the human spirit. Regenerative Development is a meta-discipline that unifies the pattern understanding practices of Ecological Design, Biophilia, and Organizational Psychology into a design process that lifts building and community planning into full integration and co-evolution with living systems.

My interview

akra-naLISA MAROSKI, novelist, playwright, editor, and one of the most deeply embodied philosophical thinker-feelers of our era is on a mission to envision and speak into being a world interconnected in thought, word, and deed, by opening varied channels of communication with the kind of broadband suited for a new story to emerge that will evolve our species.