The One That Is Both


The One That Is Both is ambitious, highly imaginative, thought-provoking, and original. Though the book is deeply probing, it is written with a light, refreshing flair.”

—Steven M. Rosen, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, College of Staten Island/City University of New York, author of The Self-Evolving Cosmos


It’s like the Harry Potter of quantum physics.

-Dr. Richard DiCenso,


Imagine a world where we know that we are energetic beings first and foremost.

Imagine a world where everyone knows their interconnectedness with everyone else.

Be inspired by The One That Is Both to live in such a world...



Jerry Fowss, an ex-physicist and bored computer programmer, and Helen Donellyn, a journalist and poet, explore the ethics of using zero-point energy, a potentially unlimited source of energy and the infrastructure of our reality. When Jerry was ten years old, he had a paranormal experience which blurred the boundary between energy and matter. When neither Western science nor Eastern mysticism could adequately explain his experience, Jerry abandons his quest. But the quest doesn't abandon him. A routine story assignment puts Helen and Jerry in mortal danger when they stumble into the clutches of a ruthless, power-hungry energy baron determined to exploit zero-point energy for his own gain. That incident so thoroughly unbalances Jerry that he loses himself/finds himself in an alternate reality which  resembles the worlds of paradox drawn by M.C. Escher. Here Jerry realizes that the answer to his dilemma lies not in developing ZPE technology, but in developing and experiencing a deep understanding of his connectedness to everything else. Jerry grasps the fundamental unity underlying duality, which allows him to transcend his own energy-matter duality. The truly original aspect of The One That Is Both is that Maroski begins to develop of a new type of language to express the paradox that underlies a truly interconnected world.  


The One That Is Both is suspenseful, entertaining, and inspiring. Maroski weaves profound spiritual awareness through an exciting story of awakening. She has the gift of telling a story and of elevating the reader at the same time...brilliant!

--Richard Damien, actor and author of A Monk in the World