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Week ending 12/4/2010

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.” Is it better (more advantageous, useful, etc) to seek that from someone else or be that for ourselves? Why?

I don’t think I can see it in myself (inspiration) although I am learning to pay attention to the “random” thoughts passing through, and often to work on some substitution that I can still “buy” that is more inspiring than the first one!
–Frances G.

Others are like mirrors, yes? And to be honest, my own experience is that the older I get the more of a nuisance mirrors become, especially early in the morning 🙂
–Leighton S.

Some folks don’t have it in them to “be all that they can be” without someone to emulate. Others, I would humbly say myself included, though we can often push to be the best, it is ALWAYS good to have others around us to keep us in check & on the right path. Lest one becomes a snooty know-it-all! How often do we find that these folks actually don’t!
–Joe R.

Everything is truly vibration.
If someone inspires us this raises our vibration.
Of course the individual allows this to happen.
We are all connected and can inspire each other. Why not?
–Richard D.

I say, someone else. For the element of surprise and spontaneity.
–John D.

Tough question. Looking for inspiration only from yourself is to live in a vacuum. But, seclusion also can bring clarity.
–Ralph S.

Week ending 11/27/2010

If we are eternal beings, and we’ll never get it all done, why not take an eternal vacation—or is that what we’re already doing?

Out of Office Reply, I’m sorry I am away, and I do not answer questions on days that end with the letter “Y”
–Kermit K.

Are you familiar with the works of Bucky Fuller? I’m reminded immediately about his books “Spaceship Earth,” and “Critical Path” as relevant to the/your/this C. E. L. inquiry…
–Josh C.

I interrupted my Solitairre Game to read this…
–Donna K.

There is no such thing as an eternal vacation because we are always in the state of becoming or non becoming.
–Richard Damien

Week ending 11/19/2010

Question: What do you suppose will happen when wealth is defined not by how much money you have in the bank but by how much love you have in your heart?


The question answers itself, and, as such, or in doing so, is the perfect example of dissolving an illusory distinction. Moi need say no more… except ‘bingo.’
–Ira Katz

I have a significant problem with the question itself, namely, the use of the word “defined.” We only ‘define’ things to limit and I do not believe that a notion of wealth can be limited for any other reason that to exercise power of one form or another over an other.
Since humans began using such a notion as wealth there has sprung up a “wealth” of meaning contexts and ‘definitions’ of wealth. For me a notion of ‘wealth’ is an evolutionary history of the use of the notion.
It is one thing to consciously evolve and another to self-consciously evolve.
–David Breed

We will have discovered a value geometry giving rise to new poetries of co-creative expression.
–Terry Woodward

Love is the currency of life.

We’ll create Love Banks!!!
People will go there to get replenished especially at holidays, during illnesses, and other times of need and celebration. Then someone brilliant will create “Love Units, An idea whose time has come”. Love banks will love the idea and make it available through Love Bank Accounts. Love Fees and Love interest will be charged to cover the Love Work involved. Love Marketplace will be created, and various mediums will be invented by Love Geniuses for efficient distribution. Love Entrepreneurs will create Love Businesses and hire Love Employees to work in Love Factories and Love Businesses. We’ll have Love Hard Workers and Love Slaggers. There will be Love Marketing, the cost of which is passed on to Love Consumers. We’ll build bigger and better Love Banks with Love Executives to manage them. Love Criminals will find ways to circumvent the system and will be sent to Love Jails for Love Crimes when caught by the Love Police Force. Love Cathedrals will be built for people to seek forgiveness for Love Sins as they pay Love Tithes to support Love Ministers. There will be Love Schools and Love Universities for people to obtain stellar Love Education.

Eventually the Federal Government will create the Federal Department of Love to regulate Universal Love Laws for all humans. Henceforth, no Loved One or Love Business get to monopolize Free Love. To cover the cost of Love Government, each citizen is charged an Annual Love Tax payable in Love Units obtainable from Love Banks.

As we prepare ourselves for the Love Millennium, let’s love freely, abundantly and chaotically.

There would be widespread peace, and a great interest in how to intervene with those who seem to have little love- what can we do to support them in the face of this dreadful illness?
–Frances Griffiths

The world will look, sound, smell, feel, taste much different. Life will return to the body.
–John Dotson

“Love is the wealth that is very
close to your heart.
Money is the wealth that is outside
of your heart.”
— Milo Wolff, author of Schrodinger’s Universe

More people would be gainfully employed.
–A.W. Chicago

Those who contribute to the well being of others would be the most appreciated.
–Richard Damien, Author, A Monk in the World